The Power of Forgive

You are wise enough,

To know that all of us make mistakes

So you are strong enough,

To show your potential of  “Forgiveness”.


Forgiving might be harder than sitting the knife cut,

Those memories stuck in your brain night and day

But once, you forgive

Those will fade away.


People deserve your forgiveness

Even your forgiving isn’t forgetting

Heal your heart and move on

Define the meaning of your true suffering.


Do not fear to forgive people,

Take it easy, just one glance

Appreciate that you did forgive them,

Because you might not know if there’s another chance.

I am from…

“I Am From” Poem Template

Adapted by Levi Romero

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon


I am from a flour mill machine from  a selling table

I am from the sweet flour, productive work

I am from the emerald scallion

The vegetable and sauce whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from kind-hearted and a long road full of advices from parents and grandparents

I’m from Compact Discs and microphone and from television.

I’m from Keep Moving! and Don’t Compare yourself to Others! and Five Senses Khmer Song

I’m from protective mosquito net and helmet

I’m from Battambang and rural area and eggs and variety of Khmer soup

From an educated person who survived at Khmer Rouge regime, mouth zipped and has to do whatever they told. He has to be adaptive. He had passed an obstacle course from black zombies. The bird was released in January 1979.  

I’m from his freedom which is part of who I am today. He meets his belove and created me. I’m from every single sweat and blood and those becoming my hero in my heart forever that can never be dissolved in memory.

I’m from Chhem and Phorn family tree.


By Dyna  Chhem

Date Jan/15/2019

A Dedication Poem:

“My life can end easily”

It’s just a lie saying that,

I’m Not gonna give up or commit suicide

I strongly push my mind to think about

Being stuck in this dark world

There’s no way that I can’t escape

Depression. sticks in my brain


Opportunities stop coming

I 100%  don’t believe that

People can’t cut my wings and they can’t control my freedom

That always works in my mind

The thing is that I won’t

Your Sharp Bullet

You know? Your words

(to) Stop myself from my passion

I believe I won’t be able

To Have a Positive Journey

I always think about

Giving up

I can’t move on

I strongly disagree that

The world is just!


I changed my mind

(Read it from bottom to up)