Multimedia Independent Learning

Entrepreneurship is one of my favorite subjects. There are a lot of different type of business and one of those is marketing in which the business marketers try to promote the product. Also, there are different ways that they do to promote such as poster, ad video, presentation, etc. Graphic design is also my passion. I really want to be a great graphic designer, but it requires creativity. To be honest, I’m not a creative person, therefore I would love to challenge myself in this independent work and making flyer.

To combine both business graphic design together, I would love to design a flyer. First of all, let’s understand what flyer is. According to the dictionary flyer is “a small handbill advertising an event or product.” I believe that a good flyer is a flyer that is creatively made and get a lot of noticed and read. According to, there are 5 reasons to use flyers to promote special events:

    • Reach your audience
    • Get creative
    • Something tangible
    • Incentive
    • Measurable

To create this flyer, I learned the tutorial from YouTube and I used Adobe Photoshop to design. I have a very less knowledge about Photoshop, therefore it was a challenge for me. Getting creative might be the other one as well. I saw one poster that has been posted on YouTube and it was very interesting and would love to learn from it.

Here’s how my final product turned out:

One specific lesson that I learned was very new to me. I is called “Create clipping mask”. It is one of the functions in Photoshop where we can insert the image into the shape that we want. For example, I use the Clipping Mask tool to insert the group picture into the blue circle above as well as the buffaloes.

Getting to learn by my own is fun. Sometimes learning lessons by my own bring me more focus than learning as a group. However learning as team also bring me more ideas as well. Things always contain good and bad things. Overall, I really like this independent learning and I would love to have another one!

Making a Turtle Race From Coding?

As time passed by, the lesson of python code is getting deeper. Even though coding challenges me more than others, that’s my learning process. In this round, everything is new to me which I learned a lot from this!

Some people might familiar with Python already, but I’m completely new to it. However, Brian Tracy once said “Learn something new. Try something different. Convince yourself that you have no limits” which push me harder to the next level of who I am.

My coding facilitator has assigned all of the students to choose a coding project amongst the five projects and try to make it work. To complete each project, there’s a website called “CodeClub Project” which give us a very descriptive instructions and help us making this project accomplished. 

The five projects have fascinated me and thousand of curiosities popped in my head. I always wonder how would this happen? It seems impossible to me at first, however hard-working had proved to me that it’s possible!

The five projects are Turtle Race, Secret Messages, Colorful Creations, RPG and Where is the Space Station? I chose the turtle race project which I’m trying to make the 5 turtles race and see which turtle wins! 

Clicked the link to see my turtle race project:

Python Code

Some people might think that coding is not as important, but guess what? Coding is very important as it benefits our thinking skills. There are a lot of different type of coding, however, we only learn about python. Here’s are some  of the Python’s terms:


There are more to learn about Python. “There’s no limitation of learning.”

Story Structure & Photography

Brain and Heart are stronger than rules

In the year 2000, there was a girl living a community. She has a very strong passion for entrepreneurship. Every day and every night, she only held her computer researched about becoming a successful people and figured out what product should she made. One day, there was a new law says that women can’t be an entrepreneur. Because of that, she broke the rule and pretending that she is a man. Because of that, she could continue making her amazing social product which is a new and better version of Google. Because of that someone exposed and reveal that she is a woman in her social media. Because of that, she got caught. Because of that, she got punished, but because of her amazing product that helped people a lot, they changed their mind. Because of that a lot of people used her product as a helpful resource. Because of that everyone respects her. Because of that society realizes that girls are also powerful. Because of that, her products are spread around the world. Because of that, she was famous and becoming a successful person. Until finally, the laws change that woman can also be an entrepreneur.

After you read this, you might recognize the structure of the way that it was written. There are many different types of story structure but Pixar Story Structure is the story structure for the story above. There are five steps to do it: 

Basically, this is one of the types of Digital Storytelling. Other examples of Digital Storytelling are videos, photos, recordings, etc. In our class in this round, I’ve learned two particular types of Digital Storytelling; Story Structure and Photography. I really love photography and I’m so excited learning about this essential. On week 2&3, we learned about composition tips. They are:

  • Stright Horizon
  • Rules of Thirds
  • Head Room/Lead Room
  • Symmetry
  • Depth
  • Frames
  • Leading Lines

The week after, we learned about some basics which are:

  • Exposure
  • Shutter Speed
  • Appeture
  • Depth of Field
  • ISO

Last but not least, we learned about camera shot types:

  • Long Shot
  • Full Shot
  • Medium Shot
  • Close-Up
  • Extreme Close-up
  • Low Angle
  • High Angle
  • Eye-Level
  • Dutch Angle/Tilt
  • Over the Shoulder
  • Bird’s Eye View

Week 1- Adobe Software & Programs

This is the year that I start to learn about Multimedia. For the first week, Cindy (our facilitator) teaches us about researching skill; how to be a good researcher. So the topic that I chose for doing research was about Mount Everest. After I chose my topic, she taught us about Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. These are the example of the two sources:

Primary SourceDiary, Recording or any type of sources that happened during that event

Secondary SourceReview, Magazine (possible), any type of sources that are not experienced in the first-hand. 

On the second week, I created a poster that related to the topic I researched about. To warm everyone’s up, Cindy started the class by doing Adobe learning. For those students who are good at each Adobe Software, they were chosen to teach the classmate. I’m part of the teaching one of the Adobe software which is “InDesign”. The teaching went very well and everyone learned a lot from it. Not only teaching people, but I also learnt more about Photoshop and Illustrator. I’ve learnt so many things and tool from those software. After we finished all the lesson, teacher Cindy assigned us to do the poster that we should use 3 software and try our best to create this poster creatively from what we’ve learned (Indesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom). For the point, she will give us full score if we have completed 10 things: 

Criteria Points
Poster is 1-page long 1
Poster is exported correctly as a PDF print document 1
Poster includes English text 1
Poster includes correctly formatted Khmer text 1
Poster includes a shape (square, rectangle, circle, line, polygon, etc.) 1
Poster includes an image created in Photoshop 1
Poster includes an image edited in Lightroom 1
Poster is well-designed, clear and neat 1
Google Doc includes explanation (at least 5 things) for image created in Photoshop 1
Google Doc includes explanation (at least 5 changes) for image edited in Lightroom 1

For the lesson that I mentioned below, was very fun for me. I got a lot of tips for researching skill and it helps me to become a better researcher. I also learnt about the tips to analyze whether this source might be credible or not. It is very important to know because after we get the information, sometimes we have to share or spread it. If it isn’t credible, it might lead us into trouble or any types of problem that could happen due to untruth info. 

For the last week of round 1, I’ve learnt about computer programming. If you don’t know what program is, it is a set of instruction that has been executed by a computer. I haven’t been going deep through the specific types of computer programme yet, but just getting to know the basic general information. First, Cindy introduced us about Pseudocode. It’s mean not a specific language; kind of fake code. So down below, I will tell what have I learnt from Pseudocode:

  • Math Operators
  • Output print
  • Variable
  • If or Else statement

Last but not least, we learnt about a game called “Divide and Conquer”. The word of the day is “Efficiency” which mean easier. We were doing an activity that about conquered the problem by using the strategies. So this is the problem :

There is a marker in one of the sixteen people’ hand. One person has to guess who has the marker. That person has to find the efficient strategies for this problem or riddle. 

The strategies for this problem is to divided half and half until there is two answer. I find it very helpful and I enjoy learning this class!

This was the first time for me to learn about this and I’m excited to go through the lesson the next week. I’m proud that I’ve involved in technology. I hope that more girls involve in Technology!