Idea Worth Empowering

TEDx Talk is a motivative public speaking event that is available for everyone. Inspiring people is one of my dreams. This year, I decided to take a risk and talk about “Comfort Zone”. Basically, I tried to encourage everyone to get out of comfort zone and change their perspective of staying in their comfort zone. Here’s how I do it: 

Did you know that the comfort zone is our enemy? My life before I turned 12 was ridiculous. I had never been anywhere new, I always avoided challenges and risks because I was desperately afraid of failing. I am sure some of you can related. In 2016, I began to realize that life always gives us obstacles and keeps throwing new challenges at us. This is an inevitable fact of life, what is up to us is how we respond to these challenges. Listen everybody, you’re here on this planet to try something new and open new doors not to stay in the same room. If you always limit yourself to your comfort zone, I believe you won’t be able to see what potential lies beyond your limits.

I’m sure that everyone has their own passions and goals. I did some research on how to achieve your goals and this is  what I found out in

  • That’s the keyword here: moving
  • Growth is about progress
  • Progress is about movement
  • Movement is about “stepping out of your comfort zone

Achieving remarkable goals is impossible if we remain inside our comfort zone, a place  that limits your growth and restricts what you are capable of. One of my goals is to become more comfortable being uncomfortable!

Colonel Sanders is also my inspiration. Have you ever gotten rejected and failed again and again? Well, I really want everyone to listen carefully about his amazing life story before he became a successful person. Everyone should know who he is. So Mr. Sanders is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and it should be no surprise that Sanders faced many obstacles and failures. Here’s his story:

Colonel Harland Sanders was an ordinary man who worked so hard to become extraordinary. The first fear that he had to face was that his father passed away when he was six and he had to look after his two siblings. When he grew up, he worked as a laborer for the railway. But then he got fired, so he had to find another job. After that, he came back and moved to live with his mom and sold life insurance. Because he disobeyed the rules, he got fired again. This was a very hard thing to accept in life, but he didn’t give up. He worked at a petrol station until he was about 40. This was where his turning point in life came. While there are a lot of customers waited with sweat for him to fill gasoline for their cars, they lost their patience. Mr. Sanders came up with a very creative idea by making and selling fried chicken for them. He pushed himself so hard. Everyone loved his food and later on, people came to the station not for petrol, but for his chicken! So he decided to sell his idea to others. Guess what? He got rejected 1,009 times! This is not a fictional story, guys. He didn’t stop what he was doing, he didn’t stay where he was standing, he got out of his comfort zone and continued his journey. His company was sold for more than a million dollars, and now KFC is all over Phnom Penh and the world and his logo is everywhere. I don’t know what everyone thinks about him, but for me I think he deserves his reputation. I hope his story will give you motivation, courage and boost your confidence.

Moreover, a lot of things in your life require getting out of your comfort zone. I’ll share with you a few of my stories about this topic. On August about two years ago, my writing facilitator gave me 100 topics to write about and told me to write as many as I could. I didn’t like writing at all. My brain was always stuck, when I were trying to brainstorm ideas for my writing. I was stressed out and I almost gave up. Until I’m looking through the internet and I found something very interesting. It said “Don’t be afraid to take an unfamiliar path. Sometimes they are the ones that take you to the best places”. I stopped and thought for a minute and I realized and understood what it really meant. As you know that writing was not the path that I’m familiar with, so I decided to get out my comfort zone. I realized that stepping away from this familiar path helped me a lot, even if it was hard for me for the first time. Back to writing, I started to do it with passion. For one of my writing pieces, it took me about three days with quite a lot of mistakes, but I didn’t give up. I continued editing those into a masterpiece until I satisfied with it. I started to feel the joy when I do writing and since then, it become one of the favorite things to do in freetime. This was unexpected to me, but nothing is impossible as long as I continue to push myself of my comfort zone.

I can prove everyone how leaving my comfort zone made me a happier person again. Here’s another story about me hiking 8 kilometers at Kep. Walking 8 kilometers is nerve-wracking to me. I used to be the type of girl who didn’t really get involved in sports or even types of hiking. This was my first hiking trip ever. It was very risky while we walked through. I felt exhausted after that, but the fact was that I can truly wanted to hike again. Since then, I have loved hiking and running! See! Nothing is impossible as long as I’m getting out of my comfort zone.

Public speaking used to be one of my biggest fear. Before, every time I was speaking in front of a lot of people, I felt like I’m in front of monsters. I was always afraid that “What if I’m wrong” or “They are judging me and criticize me” This thinking limited me. The reason why I say that is because I didn’t GET OUT of my COMFORT zone. I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone by doing a lot of public speaking for many events and now I’m standing right here in front of hundreds and hundreds of people. That’s unbelievable, isn’t it?

These are such amazing turning points and experiences in my life. I hope that this speech inspires at least some of you. Last but not least, I want to encourage everyone who is listening to this speech to not be upset when someone rejects your work or when you fail to do something. Everytime you want to give up, I urge everyone to think about Colonel Sanders life. Always remember one thing:

“You won’t be able to succeed if you stay in your comfort zone”

First Step to Go Deep Through Chemistry

Periodic table is the beginning of Chemistry. This is the chances for us to understand about the periodic table before going deep. Not only understanding about periodic table is, but we also understand the elements. Here’s a short description of the periodic table: 

A group of periodic table contains a similar properties element. A fact about the periodic table is that the first row of it only contains two elements which are hydrogen and helium. The elements are divided into two type: Metal and Non-Metal. The part of the picture that mentioned about “was created by Mendeleev” that’s right that the periodic table was first created by Mendeleev Dmitri. Before it was arranged by atomic mass because the world hasn’t found out about protons yet. The periodic table has changed over time and now it is arranged by the atomic number. 

Covalent and Ionic bonding was our next step.  To make the atoms balance and stable, there is something to do with it which is bonding. Covalent bonding is a chemical bonding the electrons were shared between atoms. It involves between non-metal and non-metal. On the other hand, ionic bonding is a chemical bonding that involves between non-metal and metal. The metal loses electrons to become a positively charged cation or became a negative charged anion. I’m looking forward to see the next step and ready to become a chemist!

Traditional Food Exploration

What came up first to your mind when you heard about Traditional Food Exploration? It is one of my explorations this year. Documentary, Photos, Communication, Passion, Risks taking are all about this exploration. After a few weeks of discussion about what our exploration is, we took a Siem Reap trip toward the journey of creating our final product which is We went to 3 restaurants; Mahob, Cuisine Wat Damnak, Sugar Palm. In addition, we also went to market and street food seller to understanding more about food in Cambodia. Below are the interesting facts, quotes, and pictures along this amazing journey throughout our exploration. 

Day 1: Street Food

Day 2: Mahob Restaurant

Chef: Sothea Seng


Khmer Rice Noodle Making

Day 3: Cuisine Wat Damnak

Chef: Joannès Rivière

Day 4: Sugar Palm

Chef: Kethana 

Chefs and Sellers quotes:


Fractions & Geometry – Math

Tricks about Math (Triangle Area)

Tricks about Division Fraction 

កុលាបប៉ៃលិន | Pailin’s Rose- Khmer Literacy

Location: Battambang Province (Western)

“Only you can help yourself,” said by the sick and wise old man Ta Jerm told his son Jao Jet. This was his last minute. After he passed away, the doctor introduced Jao Jet to be the worker at Pailin in Loung Ratanaksambath house.

Since then, Jao Jet working so hard without any complaint which satisfied his boss, Loung Ratanaksambath. On the other hand, ever workers also love him as well. One day, while driving on the way, there was some problem with the car. Jao Jet was very creative and smart. He fixed the problem. Even another incident happen by the thieves entering the house, Jao Jet attacked with them bravely. Loung Ratanaksambath has one daughter and Jao Jet and the daughter fell in love with each other. At the end of this book, they got married and lived happily.

Have you ever heard or feel familiar with the story above? This is one of the most famous stories story by Cambodian author, Nhok Them. The story is showing how Jao Jet from a poor and low rank family got success through his integrity and being proactive.

“អត្តាហិ អត្តនោ នាថា” is a Khmer buddhist phrase that means “Only you can help yourself,” said by Ta Jerm the father of Jao Jet. This phrase teaches the reader one of the life quote that explain whether or not, only you can help yourself.

Story Structure & Photography

Brain and Heart are stronger than rules

In the year 2000, there was a girl living a community. She has a very strong passion for entrepreneurship. Every day and every night, she only held her computer researched about becoming a successful people and figured out what product should she made. One day, there was a new law says that women can’t be an entrepreneur. Because of that, she broke the rule and pretending that she is a man. Because of that, she could continue making her amazing social product which is a new and better version of Google. Because of that someone exposed and reveal that she is a woman in her social media. Because of that, she got caught. Because of that, she got punished, but because of her amazing product that helped people a lot, they changed their mind. Because of that a lot of people used her product as a helpful resource. Because of that everyone respects her. Because of that society realizes that girls are also powerful. Because of that, her products are spread around the world. Because of that, she was famous and becoming a successful person. Until finally, the laws change that woman can also be an entrepreneur.

After you read this, you might recognize the structure of the way that it was written. There are many different types of story structure but Pixar Story Structure is the story structure for the story above. There are five steps to do it: 

Basically, this is one of the types of Digital Storytelling. Other examples of Digital Storytelling are videos, photos, recordings, etc. In our class in this round, I’ve learned two particular types of Digital Storytelling; Story Structure and Photography. I really love photography and I’m so excited learning about this essential. On week 2&3, we learned about composition tips. They are:

  • Stright Horizon
  • Rules of Thirds
  • Head Room/Lead Room
  • Symmetry
  • Depth
  • Frames
  • Leading Lines

The week after, we learned about some basics which are:

  • Exposure
  • Shutter Speed
  • Appeture
  • Depth of Field
  • ISO

Last but not least, we learned about camera shot types:

  • Long Shot
  • Full Shot
  • Medium Shot
  • Close-Up
  • Extreme Close-up
  • Low Angle
  • High Angle
  • Eye-Level
  • Dutch Angle/Tilt
  • Over the Shoulder
  • Bird’s Eye View

Social Justice – Literacy

There will be different themes in every round of English Literacy essentials. This round ’s theme is “Social Justice”. Social Justice is a concept that is related to the different types of justice between individual and society such as wealth, rank, etc. For the first few weeks, we focused on the topic of “Pollution”. We did some research about how pollution disproportionately affects people who are poor and members of racial and ethnic minorities and how members of ethnic minorities got affected by pollution than others. We also have words of the week which are:

An environment is very important not only for me but also for society. We did the writing about pollution in our community as well. I wrote about pollution in my province which is Kampong Cham province. It is located in the center of Cambodia. Here’s what I wrote about my community:

Pollution and Environmental Justice in Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham has a very beautiful city that everyone always think about, but people ignore one crucial problem about this province. Most of the provinces in Cambodia produce a lot of pollution, including Kampong Cham. The source of pollution mostly comes from human activities and they might not be getting enough education about the serious effect of pollution. The town and rural areas are covered with trash that only has been thrown, but not picked. Nothing will be fine if people keep repeating what they are doing right now.

Pollution in Kampong Cham mostly spreads over rural areas around districts. The city in this province might have less pollution than the rural area because there are a lot of factories surrounding the rural area. As I knew before in the province, there’s no landfill or damp, in fact, a few people started the idea of throwing the trash near Sala Chen market which causes others to throw at this place too. One of the big problems is throwing the garbage that concentrated near the station where they sell food, which leads the pollution from the garbage spread to the food. Therefore, it could affect people’s health through the food that they ate and it could lead to a serious health problem. This is one of the pollution sources that have been spread to the whole city.

In addition, there is a factory that located in Cherng Prey district. The workers produced more and more pollution through the air to the neighborhood. Obviously, there is an air pollution that produced from the smoke of the factory. Sometimes, I think it is kind of unfair when people who stay close to the factory got affected. I haven’t heard any solution for this yet, but I hope there will be one.

Moreover, Mekong River is also a source where pollution existed. There are a lot of people selling their products near riverside especially Food Selling. After they ate, people leave their trashes all over the river bank. Not only this, people who live close to Mekong River also threw their huge amount of garbages into the river. The pollution from the trashes spread to the freshwater species and it also affects the fisherman(s)  as they’re going to eat those species. No one realizes these situations that had happened into the province and country.

Nothing surprise saying that transportation is one of the pollution sources that existed in this crowded city. As I visit my community, a lot of pollution of smoke from cars and motorbikes spread to the city population. There are a lot of wealthy people that use cars and motorbikes, which is so rare that they use bikes in this generation. Air pollution is all over, it really needs solution!

Both city and rural area are affected by pollution. In the city, the main sources of pollution are the Mekong river, Sala Chen market, and transportation. In rural areas, the main sources of pollution are from the factories. People wouldn’t think it is a very important problem that needs a solution. In my opinion, this situation is unjust for people who live close to those places. For some reason, people who throw the garbages, just because they weren’t the one who gets affected if they’re not living near that places. I would say some of them are rich as well.

Finally, the growth of this province is starting. Everyone starting to have a campaign where they’re trying to reduce the trash. I think the provincial office is also trying to create a secure environmental justice for Kampong Cham. I’m glad that students putting their effort once a week to pick the trash from their community area, which helps Kampong Cham a lot.

The week after, we did some argumentative writing of the topic that’s we’re passionate about that related to our exploration (project-based learning) or the topic that related to SDGs. First of all, we were taught how to write a thesis statement. So What is a Thesis Statement?

  • Thesis Statement is...

Starting the introduction with thesis statement would be very helpful for the reader to understand our main point. Writing an argumentative would be very fun and an important experience for me. I’m looking forward to seeing my argumentative essay done!



Welcome to my portfolio! I’m Dyna, 13 years old girl who loves frisbee, basketball and a child who would love to change Cambodia.

Nowadays, I’m going to an academy named Liger Leadership Academy. Since I came to this magnificent academy, I can find my real passion. In addition, I have involved and participated in a lot of events such as Technovation, Model United Nation, etc. Entrepreneurship is my favorite subject. I know that being an entrepreneur is very risky, but I want to change my country by this skills.

Curious and calculated risk-taking are my things. However, I’m trying to learn more about myself as well as learning about people around me (self-awareness). I’m sure that everyone each has their own strengths and weaknesses. I have one strength that everyone recognizes and knows about it. I would say I am good at writing poems. Creative Writing used to be my weakness in the past, but recently, I’m starting to grow. Every day in my free time, I always think about a poem depending on my mood. It is very fun!, Think about it! In the future, I want to collect all my amazing poems and gathered it and printed it as a book somehow for myself and for anyone who wants it. Most of my inspirations are the entrepreneurs and inventors. I feel like I love business skills as well.

I love everything about life. I can’t imagine myself about people surrounding me. Sometimes, people came into my life as a teacher. Some people came into my life as a lesson as well. I also love traveling as well. I would love to see new and interesting things about life.

I just want to step out of my comfort zone and encourage myself to work harder and fight with those situations. As a matter of fact, I used to be a low self-esteem girl, but I want to prove myself and everyone that I’m not that weak and easily to give up after all.

Science – Matter

Atoms is a very small element. Even though we can’t see them visually, but it is one of the consideration topics that we should learn about. This round I’ve been learning about Atom Family. To give us more understanding about Atoms family, the facilitator gave us a few paragraphs that could explain it and I found it very helpful for this science learning. 

In the center of Matterville, there is a place called the Nucleus Arcade, where two members of the Atoms Family like to hang out. Perky Patty Proton, like her sisters, is quite large with a huge smile and eyes that sparkle (+). Patty is always happy and has a very positive personality. Nerdy Nelda Neutron is large like Patty, but she has a boring, flat mouth and eyes with zero expression (o). Her family is very apathetic and neutral about everything. Patty, Nelda, and their sisters spend all their time at the arcade.

Around the Nucleus Arcade, you will find a series of roadways that are used by another member of the Atoms Family, Enraged Elliott Electron. Elliott races madly around the Arcade on his bright red chrome- plated Harley-Davidson. He rides so fast that no one can be sure where he is at any time. Elliott is much smaller than Patty and Nelda and he is always angry because these bigger relatives will not let him in the Arcade. He has a frown on his face, eyes that are squinted with anger, and a very negative (-) attitude.

The first energy street can only hold only two Electron brothers. The second energy street, called the Energy Freeway, can hold 8 brothers. The third energy street, called the Energy Superhighway, can hold 18 of the brothers.

The morale of Matterville is stable as long as each negative Electron brother is balanced out by one positive Proton sister. The number of residents in Matterville

depends on the Proton and Neutron families.

Challenge: What would happen to the morale of Matterville if one Elliott Electron was kidnapped?

As you’re reading through the Atom Family paragraphs above, I hope that you learnt something about it. 

On the second week, our facilitator assigned us the topic, research about it and teach everyone in the class. I was assigned to present and teach about Atomic Force. Basically, Atomic Force is the reaction when two particles charge either repel or attract each other. Basically, there are four types of Atomic Force which have different roles; Strong Force, Weak Force, Gravitational Force, and Electromagnetic Force. These are my team slideshow to help more understanding about Atomic Force:

In conclusion, I enjoy learning about atoms because it is interesting to learn about things that we don’t see. I’m excited to get to know more about these topics and it would be very fascinating thing if I could see them with microscope!

Beginning of Algebra

This year I was introduced to the beginning of algebra. I was a little bit nervous because I was scared that I won’t perform well in class by solving the problem with algebra. I’m learning 5A grade books. We didn’t go deep to specific and advanced algebra, but our facilitator (Sam) taught us the general information of what algebra is. My first thought to algebra is to think as deep as Mariana Trench, highest as Mount Everest, critically as Albert Einstien. In fact, the secret is that we always solve the problem with algebra every day, but we never notice about it. I enjoy and figure out about learning it, but sometimes getting dizzy as well. Conclusively, I think it is very important to learn about algebra which is one of a good learning strategies for solving any problems. Positively, if we’re being optimistic and getting excited about it, boring would never come. Trust me! After I got this lesson, I’m now familiar with it. 

I also found it very helpful by using the pictures instead of algebra. Sam teaches us different types to solve different words problem. This is a really good learning strategy. These are the words problem that I solve using pictures and algebra:

John had 300 stamps. He sold 120 stamps and gave 13 of the rest to his brother.

(a) How many stamps did he give to his brother?

(b) How many stamps did he have left?

At first, I found it complicated, but I wasn’t panic. I calm down and solve the problem step by step. 

In addition, Sam also teaches us about fraction, order of operation, distribute of properties and prime factorization. I believe that Math is one of the subjects that uses critical thinking skill. It is very important and it has the ability to help our future job.