Week 1- Adobe Software & Programs

This is the year that I start to learn about Multimedia. For the first week, Cindy (our facilitator) teaches us about researching skill; how to be a good researcher. So the topic that I chose for doing research was about Mount Everest. After I chose my topic, she taught us about Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. These are the example of the two sources:

Primary SourceDiary, Recording or any type of sources that happened during that event

Secondary SourceReview, Magazine (possible), any type of sources that are not experienced in the first-hand. 

On the second week, I created a poster that related to the topic I researched about. To warm everyone’s up, Cindy started the class by doing Adobe learning. For those students who are good at each Adobe Software, they were chosen to teach the classmate. I’m part of the teaching one of the Adobe software which is “InDesign”. The teaching went very well and everyone learned a lot from it. Not only teaching people, but I also learnt more about Photoshop and Illustrator. I’ve learnt so many things and tool from those software. After we finished all the lesson, teacher Cindy assigned us to do the poster that we should use 3 software and try our best to create this poster creatively from what we’ve learned (Indesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom). For the point, she will give us full score if we have completed 10 things: 

Criteria Points
Poster is 1-page long 1
Poster is exported correctly as a PDF print document 1
Poster includes English text 1
Poster includes correctly formatted Khmer text 1
Poster includes a shape (square, rectangle, circle, line, polygon, etc.) 1
Poster includes an image created in Photoshop 1
Poster includes an image edited in Lightroom 1
Poster is well-designed, clear and neat 1
Google Doc includes explanation (at least 5 things) for image created in Photoshop 1
Google Doc includes explanation (at least 5 changes) for image edited in Lightroom 1

For the lesson that I mentioned below, was very fun for me. I got a lot of tips for researching skill and it helps me to become a better researcher. I also learnt about the tips to analyze whether this source might be credible or not. It is very important to know because after we get the information, sometimes we have to share or spread it. If it isn’t credible, it might lead us into trouble or any types of problem that could happen due to untruth info. 

For the last week of round 1, I’ve learnt about computer programming. If you don’t know what program is, it is a set of instruction that has been executed by a computer. I haven’t been going deep through the specific types of computer programme yet, but just getting to know the basic general information. First, Cindy introduced us about Pseudocode. It’s mean not a specific language; kind of fake code. So down below, I will tell what have I learnt from Pseudocode:

  • Math Operators
  • Output print
  • Variable
  • If or Else statement

Last but not least, we learnt about a game called “Divide and Conquer”. The word of the day is “Efficiency” which mean easier. We were doing an activity that about conquered the problem by using the strategies. So this is the problem :

There is a marker in one of the sixteen people’ hand. One person has to guess who has the marker. That person has to find the efficient strategies for this problem or riddle. 

The strategies for this problem is to divided half and half until there is two answer. I find it very helpful and I enjoy learning this class!

This was the first time for me to learn about this and I’m excited to go through the lesson the next week. I’m proud that I’ve involved in technology. I hope that more girls involve in Technology!

Becoming a Cambodian Poet- Khmer Poem

This year, our facilitator, Sokha mostly focuses on writing Khmer poems. For me, I’m very excited every time I hear the words “Poems” because I could express my feeling or developing any creative thinking in my poems. I’ve written a lot of poems, but I’m going to share two of my different poems. One is about strategies of a successful person and another one is about the infinity sweat and tears. *English Translation Below*


(បទ៖ ពាក្យ១១)







ចេះក្លាហាន តស៊ូ ជាមនុស្សដ៏មានតម្លៃ












គេរិះគន់កុំឈប់ អ្នកជោគជ័យបន្តធ្វើ


អ្នកជោគជ័យម៉តចត់ ប្រឹងធ្វើច្រើនជាងនិយាយ








*English Translation*

Every successful are coming from the determination
Even though there are a lot of obstacles in life
Be strong, using our brain and consideration
There’s no way that giving up through people’s opinion
No one is perfect
Be flexible to make it meaningful
Brave, Patient, Be a valuable person
That’s great and continue this journey
Walking different path doesn’t mean bad result
We’re love researching, doing thing carefully
When doing the thing wrong, never give up and try another method
Having time to set the goal in our life
A successful person never complain what they’re doing
Always continue no matter near or far
Always remember to use ingenuity
Real succeed deserves real admirations and proud
To be successful, always setting the goals
Don’t wait, just do it!
If people criticize, don’t stop; CONTINUE
Work hard toward success and people will change their mind
Work hard more than talk
People stop criticizing us
This is what we call a real succeed
I’m not making it up, but a successful person always seek for opportunity
Someone who successful always keeps mistake as a lesson
Never be shy!
After reading it, please keep it in your mind
Every strategy, start practicing RIGHT NOW!


(បទ៖ ព្រហ្មគិតិ)

នៅក្នុងក្រុមគ្រួសារ                             មានម៉ាក់ប៉ាប្អូននិងបង

មានទាំងយាយតាផង                        ល្អកន្លងសុភមង្គល។

ប៉ាម៉ាក់ស្រឡាញ់គ្នា                              មិនរេរាត៉ាងដិតដល់

នេះប្រាប់ឲកូនយល់                            និងបានស្គាល់ពីប៉ាម៉ាក់។

កូនតែងសង្ឃឹមថា                              មួយគ្រួសារមិនបែកបាក់

គ្រួសារដែលជាក់លាក់                         គ្មានប្រលាក់ស្នាមឈ្លោះគ្នា។

ប៉ាខ្ញុំធ្វើសំណង់                                     មិនបង្អង់ធ្វើការងារ

ម៉ាក់ចិញ្ចឹមមាន់ទា                             មិនរេរាគាត់ប្រឹងណាស់

លោកទាំងពីរប្រឹងខ្លាំង                      ប្រឹងកម្លាំងបានប្រាក់ខ្លះ

អ្នកមានគុណចំណាស់                         លោកនេះចាស់ៗអស់ហើយ។

ប៉ាម៉ាក់ប្រឹងខ្លាំងមេ៉្លះ                       កូនអាណិតណាស់ព្រះអើយ

ចង់ឲ្យលោកធូរស្បើយ                          ឲ្យលោកអើយជួយគាត់ផង។

ចិញ្ចឹមតូចដល់ធំ                                   លោកខិតខំស្រាយចំណង

លោកខំប្រឹងសាសសង                        រកសំណងដែលជំពាក់។

ប្រឹងស្រែករកជំនួយ                             រកអ្នកជួយឲ្យខ្ចីប្រាក់់

ឈឺចាប់ទាំងពីរនាក់                            ដូចគេចាក់កណ្តាលទ្រូង។

រកពេលជូតញើសគ្មាន                        លោកប្រិតប្រៀនប្រឹងកាយពូន

បាក់កម្លាំងពីខ្លួន                                លោកប្រឹងពួនលាក់បាំងកូន។

ឥឡូវលោកឈឺខ្លាំង                              បាត់កម្លាងនិងសាបសូន្យ

លែងបានមើលថែកូន                        នឹកដំបូន្មានប៉ាម៉ាក់។

លោកទៅរហូតហើយ                           កូនបានខ្សោយដូចគេចាក់

ឲ្យកូននៅតោកយ៉ាក                         នៅតែម្នាក់ឯងកំព្រា។

ជីវិតគ្មានប៉ាម៉ាក់                                រស់សោកាយ៉ាងវេទនា

មានតែរកការងារ                              ពេលឈឺជាគ្មានអ្នកថែ។

អានហើយសូមអ្នកគិត                     សូមប្រព្រឹត្តល្អដាក់ម៉ែ

ក៏ដូចឪពុកដែរ                                    កាយគាត់ប្រែតែចិត្តនៅ។

នេះហើយញើសអមតៈ                         ហូរស្រស្រាក់ពេញដំបៅ

ទឹកភ្នែកសមុទ្រជ្រៅ                            ដែលហូរទៅលែងមកវិញ។

*English Translation*

In a family, there are mom, dad, and siblings

Including grandparents amazing family full of happiness

My parents love each other so well

This shows and lets me know more about my parents

I always hope that this family won’t break

A happy family that never have an argument scar

My dad is a construction worker working really hard

My mom feeds hens and ducks she works really hard as well

They worked really really hard using their full energy to gain more money

They become old now their energy also become old

Oh, my parents, they work so hard it is very pitiful

Want them to get better praying for God to help them

Feed me from small to big they are trying to solve every issue

They do communication finding money

Asking for help, really need someone to lend them money

Hurting them both, feeling like someone putting the thorn in their heart

Finding no time to wipe the sweat. Being an amazing parents

Having no energy in the body. Hiding their sickness from me

Now their illness spreading so badly, they were passed away

Will never see them again really miss them!

They will never come back and I’m so weak right now

Living so hard as an orphanage life

Life without parents living my life miserably

Finding a job on my own when I’m sick, no one looks after me

After reading it, please think!

Doing good things for mommy

As well as daddy their body gone, but not their soul

This what we call, the infinity sweat and tear had fallen over the scar

Deep ocean of tears that has flown, but never come back.

After learning about different types of the poem for several weeks, I’ve learnt and improved so much about writing poem properly and professionally. Not only this, but I also learnt some Khmer vocabularies that I’ve never known before. I’m proud that I participated and involved in this hard work. We’re having a plan to publishing junior cohort Khmer Poem and I’m excited to see this book and hope it will go very well. This is my second remarkable products that I’ve made!


Etymology & Comprehension

Learning about Etymology might be very helpful for us whenever we do some reading. It might provide clarification for us for the words that we don’t understand. Greek and Latin Root words are one of the subjects that I’m learning about. Root words might be very helpful and essential for every student to break down the words that they are unfamiliar with.  It is one of the strategies for me to learn about Root. The reason I say that is because, sometimes it was hard for me to know what the words really mean, but the root words help me to unlock those key.

So far I’ve learnt six units about Greek and Latin root words, but one of the favorite units is Bio, Photo, Phil (Life, Light, Love). Each example words of these root words are very deep. In addition, I like those root words, because it is about life. I’m fascinated about reading someone’s life which is Biography or Autobiography. Not only this, I love photography because I would love to express my feeling through it. Last but not least, I love philanthropist and philosophy. These words always stay in my mind; being a philanthropist with a positive philosophy! That is why I have a passion for each of these root words. 

On the other hand, our facilitator Hannah is also working on our reading comprehension. There are seven different articles that I’ve been reading so far. They are:

  • William Shakespeare

Amongst those articles, Gandi is one of my favorite articles. He becomes one of my favorite inspirations after I read it. Gandhi is very thoughtful, empathy and very motivation. His morals and philosophies of non-violence assistence spread over the world. Everyone was very upset after losing him. If you don’t know who he is this is him:

Moreover, I also did some writing which one of the examples is Mini Personal Narrative. The goal is to talk about something that is about the past and memorable to ourselves. The paragraph is maximum 3 paragraph long. I wrote about my great-grandfather who passed away on 9/9/2018. He deserves this writing from me and he does deserve sharing about his life as an amazing great-grandpa for others. Here’s what I wrote:

My Biggest Inspiration

Who doesn’t feel lucky when they know that their great-grandparents still alive? I still have great-grandparents. I would never expect that I have a very happiness family! But one day on September, 9th, 2018……………

The smile had come, I’m so excited to meet my great-grandparents. I was a little 5 years old girl that was carrying by my parents walking toward my great-grandparents house. It was located in a small village in Banteay Meanchey that used to be part of Siem Reap. It was a rural area that was covered by a clear blue sky and golden rice field. My great-grandparents living in a wooden house that was surrounded by a lot of fruited-trees. When I was five years old, they were 75. My great-grandpa is the wise guy with grey hair . He is energetic, empathy, kind, proactive, and a patient guy, which everyone loves him. About my great-grandma, she is sweet, beautiful and adaptive. Well, it’s not a surprise saying that everyone in the village love them. When I was first arriving their house, I saw their adorable cows and pigs under the house. The moment of me feeding the cows with grass is still remaining in my brain and it will stay forever. My dad was filming me as well. I was smiling at the camera and started to walk up to the house. Every time I saw a buddhist book, my great-grandfather always popping up in my mind first. There’s no way I could forgot the day that I was introduced to buddhism history book. Great-grandpa, do you know? When I think about you, I always think about the advice, care, and the forgiveness that you give to me and everyone else. You’ve shown me a lot of unconditional love since I was young until I become a teenage. You provide me a peaceful world.

Until the day has come…

Tears drop, the sound of crying, smelling the incense smoke that was flying in the air. Why did my great-grandfather sleep and don’t get up? Now you’re keeping great-grandma alone! I know, you will sleep peacefully. He is now staying up high, listening to angels singing. The last time I saw you was on April 2018, and today, it is the 7th day that you’ve gone. I wish I was there before your last breath. I wish you were giving me a warm hug, seeing your beautiful smile again. So far, you’ve been such my amazing great-grandpa ever.  I can’t explain how much you really mean to me. I promise I will remember and keep every advice you’ve told me and I promise I will keep it forever and ever! I’m so precious and glad to be your great-granddaughter. For the pleasants, values and everything you have given me throughout the years, that’s why it is very worth it for me to write and share it to everyone about my unique great-grandfather!

May your soul rest in peace!


Finally, I learnt something new from literacy. I believe that it is one of the major subjects that everyone should learn. Last but not least, I strongly support this quote by Dr. Seuss “The more that you READ, the more THINGS you will KNOW. The MORE you LEARN, the more PLACES you’ll GO!”

The Geography of Cambodia Book-Publishing

The Geography of Cambodia Book Publishing is an exploration that I’ve been working on for two years long. Junior Cohort had been traveling around Cambodia, researching and doing a lot of interviewing as well. I’ve been to six provinces which are in the central and northern part of Cambodia. They are Kampong Cham, Tboung Khmum, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap, Preah Vihear, and Oddar Meanchey.  We did a lot of research for information in a reliable and credible source as well. Some of the information is from the transcript from Minister of Department of Culture and Fine Art as well. There’s nothing more fun than this; discovering new things, adventurous and learn from it!

Now, here we are in the final stage of publishing this marvelous book. There are 10 members who responsible for different 4 regions. Our design team used a software called “Adobe Indesign” to design the book, but we also used the other software to design the graphics that included in our book as well such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc. On the other hand, the information has to be concise. I enjoy doing this designing, discovering the new tools in Adobe and stretching my brain to think more critically and creatively. 

As we’re reading through our book, we feel that we should input more of students voices into the book. That’s why our team came up with the add-ons which are Traditional Belief, Did you know?, Student Observation and Watch out. These add-ons are written from our students who have visited those places. We will include those in the part of the book because we want the reader to understand the Liger students’ perspective of visiting those places.

Not only this, everyone agreed that The Geography of Cambodia book had too much written texts which might lose the reader’s interest. Therefore, the idea of creating more visuals for the text came to our minds. This meant inserting more graphics in the book, which is one of my favorite highlights from this exploration. 

Icons for the book:

  • Student Observation (the one with the camera)
  • Watch out (the red spear)
  • Did you know (sticky note)
  • Folklore is the orange rectangle with the text on it

I learnt a lot of skills throughout this exploration. One of the big skills or characteristic is “Calculated Risk Taker”. For me, I had never used Photoshop or any Adobe software before. It is one of the challenges I had faced throughout the process of making graphics design. Be patient is also the thing that not for only me, but everyone should have it.  I always say to myself to not give up on what I am doing, because this is the first remarkable product I’ve created. I get out of my comfort zone to try this and the result was amazing. I’ve learned a lot of things; not just only designing skill. Now, I get familiar to it and I feel very proud of myself of what I’m doing! 

Overall, I had a fabulous time here by doing something new to myself. I can’t wait to see the books published as well as my teammates do. If there is another exploration that similar to this, I certainly willing to join it. Last but not least, after the book published I hope that everyone learns and proud of our book; well they will!

Software or website that we use to design and make graphics in The Geography of Cambodia book:

  1. ArcGIS
  2. Flaticon
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. InDesign
  5. Photoshop
  6. Google Drawing


Making Educational Boardgame

It sounds a little bit silly because we changed ours by making the game. I’m in the junior cohort and I was in the exploration called Entrepreneurship. Mr. Keith, our facilitator has led and walked us through within 7 weeks and inspired us to be a successful entrepreneur. It is not a very big project, but it is our first step in making changes. I and my others two teammates tried to brainstorm what is the problem for people nowadays. We finally found out that most of the students didn’t get the knowledge of some subjects such as Science, Geography, etc. This problem stays deep inside our mind, therefore we decided to create a product that will solve this problem. Our team name is LiLife. I’m sure that you noticed the word Life because it related to the life lesson. This board game is made from recycled cardboard. We also cover our board game with the plastic bag to protect from the water. Moreover, we made our game pieces from 3d printing. The goal of our board game is to make everyone to have fun and gain more knowledge by asking the question and answer which is about general knowledge and some entertainment. The benefits of our products are that it is not just for fun but you can gain more education too.

Several of our board game is sold out and we were really happy that they enjoy our board game. We also shared our board game idea to everyone in some events (e.g Maker Faire) and they really like our idea. People got to try our board game and they gained some knowledge as well. I’m glad that they gained the education from our board game and if we have free time we’re going to develop it not for ourselves but also for our country.

Government School Project

Since I grew up, I have a passion for helping Cambodia through raising awareness. I would never expect that I will change my country through being a teacher who helps people change their perspective.

One of the days that we’re in this exploration, our team went to a government school in Kandal, Cambodia to teach students about disabilities. Our goal is to teach students about the type of disabilities and we will provide them with some activities that related to disabilities. So these are the activities that we’re having them done:

  • Tie shoelaces and bracelet by using one arm
  • Drawing through instruction (Intellectual Disabilities)
  • Whisper Challenge (Deaf)
  • Blind activity

We want everyone to relate to the feeling of having disabilities. We also have them writing the reflection about this studying and they enjoy and learned a lot about disabilities. They are understanding well about this. We’re also happy when we hear that the students understand about it. It is one of my greatest memories with them.

Overall, this is a very convenient topic for me and I have a very strong passion and potential to help my country. I’m so glad that I’m in this exploration and I like to do all this kind of work with kids outside my school. In conclusion, I enjoy this and I’m ready to be a change agent for Cambodia.


Technovation is the programme for girls to involve in technology. Technovation is the combination of the words technology and innovation. More than a thousand girls involve in this programme around the world. I’m also a part of it. I joined Technovation for 2 years and it was ridiculous. In the first year, my team has created an application called “Pre-Health”. Pre stands for “Preventive”. We decided to create this application to make people learn about their lifestyle, exercises and healthy food to eat. We completed a really big accomplishment. Our team pitched the ideation of our app and we won national pitch in the first year. We also participated in Technovation in the second year. I think we’ve been improving a lot in the second year. We created a bigger idea app. This time, we found out that most of the tourists hard to find places to visit in Cambodia. This made us came up with the solution for that by creating an application that helps tourists (Both national and international) find out a lot of places to go in Cambodia not only attractive places but also some hidden places that less known. We also include hotels and guesthouses for tourists. Our second app is more complex, but we made it and enjoying it as much as last year even though we didn’t win the national pitch. My team and I got a lot of good experiences from this programme and we inspired a lot of girls to joined Technovation and involved in technology. There are more and more girls in this year join this programme than last year. I’m so proud of the girls that using an immense of hard work to code and using their business skills to create this wonderful and useful application for the world. Not only this skills can succeed, but there are more important skills such as collaboration and presentation. We are very confident to go and share our application to people who watch us. We really want people to know the potential of girls. If we have a chance, my team is going to develop our app and publish it into public for everyone. We are all the winners!!! “Winner is not the people who never fail, but they are people who never quit” -Unknown. Last but not least, I want every girl especially in Cambodia to know the importance of technology and I would like to inspire all of you to be the hero and diamond of our country and make it grow.